Signed Books – or Not?

The Dragonfire Novels, a dragon shifter romance series by Deborah CookeI’ve been looking at options for those of you who want to buy the entire series of Dragonfire novels in trade paperback or in the hardcover collectors’ editions. I do have both listed for sale in my online store: here’s the paperback series and here’s the hardcover series. If you order them here, your books will be signed by me.

They’ll also be shipped from the printer in the US to me in Canada, then shipped by me to you, wherever you might be. That’s a lot of shipping cost, as the whole collection is comparatively heavy.

I’ve found an alternative in the US, which would mean that the books would be shipped from the US directly to you. (This option would work best for those of you who live in the US.) The books would not be signed, because they wouldn’t come to me at all, but the price would be lower – both because they’d only be shipped once, and because they’d only be shipped within the US and that postage is cheaper than international postage. I could send signed bookplates to anyone who ordered this way instead.

I have to set up an online store through this service – which is managed by the good people who print my books in the first place – so would like to have an idea whether it’s an interesting possibility for you or not.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Signed Books – or Not?

  1. Deborah, I have all of the books. I bought the 4th one in the series first and absolutely loved it and then went on a hunt for the first three and the obsession developed from then on. When I have nothing to read I reach for the first one all over again. I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the continuation of the dragons and their families.


  2. I cannot afford to buy signed copies of hard copy books these days, but I know some others can. if this is an option for you as the author, and if it costs you nothing to do this, then I should think that it’s worth the effort to make signed original copies of your books available for those who are interested. It’s a feature some will buy a book for, certainly.


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