Changing DragonFate Publication Dates

Dragon's Kiss, book #2 of the DragonFate series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeI’ve moved the publication dates for the first three DragonFate novels.

In writing and publishing circles, there’s a lot of discussion about rapid release schedules, i.e. publishing linked books in rapid succession. While I think this is a good idea, it’s not my preferred way to work. I like to take a break from a given world and then come back to it with fresh eyes for the next book in the series. So, I’m going back to my tried and true, because I think I write better books that way.

Dragon’s Kiss will be published in November instead of October.

Dragon's Heart, book 3 of the DragonFate series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeThis is the last of the halo from Bad Case of Loving You requiring a big revision. You’ll notice that the publication date on this one won’t change until the end of September, but trust me, it’s a November release.

Dragon’s Heart will be published in May.

Dragon’s Mate will be published in October 2020. This date will remain incorrect at Nook until November, as pre-orders can’t be scheduled more than a year in advance at that portal. (I just learned that. Who knew?)

Here be Dragons, the Dragonfire Companion and guide to the paranormal romance series by Deborah CookeOn the upside, some other things can slide into the months in between. For example, Here Be Dragons: The Dragonfire Companion will be published on December 31. The pre-order links are populating now.

I want to put this one up for pre-order at Amazon at the end of September – they only allow 90 day pre-orders – so I’ll do that, and then move the pub date for Dragon’s Kiss. When I move the publication date for Dragon’s Kiss, Amazon will remove my ability to set up pre-orders, so first things first.

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