Changed Publication Date

Dragon's Kiss, book #2 of the DragonFate series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeIf you’ve pre-ordered Dragon’s Kiss, you might have received a notification that the publication date has been moved to December 10.

I know that many of you will be disappointed by this, but trust me when I tell you it’s for the best. This book was slippery, possibly because it’s been a while since I wrote a book in the Dragonfire world. I had to work out what would be the same as the Dragonfire novels, what would be different, as well as how the Pyr from the first series would be involved in this new series. I had to figure out Fae, and Valkyries. No matter how well I plan these things, it’s in the writing that I make huge discoveries.

I was sure I had it, then I went to a conference and had so many new ideas that I had to integrate them all. I LOVE how Kristofer and Bree’s book has come together, but I want to make sure it goes out in the world the way it should. I don’t want to rush my editor, my proofreader, my cover artist (for the print edition) or my ARC team. I want you to feel like it was worth the wait to return to the Pyr.

Just two weeks delay. Trust me. 🙂

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