Dragon’s Wolf is Next

Sebastian and Arach have sorted it out, and Arach’s book will be the next DragonFate Novel, coming next May! The cover is still in the works but there’s a pre-order up at Amazon and Apple, so you can reserve your copy today.

Her kiss has hidden bite…

When the spark of the firestorm sears Arach Knight’s soul, the dragon shifter warrior knows he’s met his destined mate—even if feisty Wynter doesn’t insists she isn’t tempted. He’ll do anything to secure their union, even help her avenge the wolf shifters against the surviving Dark Fae—except he’ll never again risk his heart for any woman or her cause. Once burned, twice shy.

Wolf-shifter Wynter Olson wants to strike back at her pack’s enemy while she has the chance, and prove herself as the new alpha—no matter how hot Arach the dragon shifter is. This is her chance to make her own mark and she won’t be distracted by something so fleeting as desire, no matter how effectively Arach’s fiery kiss melts her reservations.

But when Wynter awakens a magick left slumbering eons before, Arach has to defend his destined mate against disaster. The only way they can save their respective kinds is to fight fire with fire with complete trust in each other—but can these two battered souls overcome the wounds of their pasts to build a new future, together?

Coming May 2022 in ebook and trade paperback

Pre-order available at some portals:

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