Dragons First

Dragons First Boxed Set of three paranormal romance series starters by Deborah Cooke

My new bundle of first-in-series paranormal romances is available today. Dragons First is a new bundle of three dragon shifter romance series starters. It includes 3 series starters and two bonus reads, all for just 99cents!

This bundle also has discount codes at some portals (GooglePlay, KOBO, Nook and Smashwords) enabling you to save on continuing to read.

Dragons always go to the front of the line, with their fire-breathing majesty, vigilant defense and mysterious secrets. Dragon shifters, whether they’re hot heroes or fiery heroines, beguile with their flights, dazzle with their treasures and thrill with their fights. Enter the realms of Deborah Cooke’s dragon shifters and surrender to the passion that flares when they encounter their destined mates.

In Kiss of Fire, book one of the Dragonfire Novels—a complete series featuring dragon shifter heroes charged to defend the treasures of the earth—dragon shifter and outsider Quinn isn’t interested in joining forces with his fellow Pyr, even as the foretold Dragon’s Tail War against the evil Slayers launches with a vengeance—until his destined mate, Sara, is caught in the middle and he has to chose between his convictions and her survival.

In Wyvern’s Mate, book one of the Dragons of Incendium—a series featuring dragon shifter princesses from space and the men who dare to love them—dragon shifter princess Drakina is on a quest to conceive the crown prince with her destined mate, while Troy, a professional assassin, needs to eliminate the royal heiress to secure his own freedom. When these two enemies meet, sparks fly and they agree on one night of passion together—but when morning comes, will Troy be able to strike the final blow, or will these star-crossed lovers find a way to save each other and their unborn son?

In Dragon’s Kiss, book one of the DragonFate Novels—featuring dragon shifter heroes whose mates have paranormal powers of their own—dragon shifter Kristofer will follow the spark of his firestorm into the darkest corner, even the realm of Fae, and defend his destined mate at any cost—even when Bree, a cursed Valkyrie with a hatred of dragons and Kristofer’s mate, is hunting his very soul. The two reluctantly join forces but when an ancient foe stirs, how will Bree choose between her immortality and her unexpected love for this dragon shifter?

This digital bundle includes three thrilling and passionate series starters, along with two bonus reads: Nero’s Dream, book two of the Dragons of Incendium, and Maeve’s Book of Beasts, the prequel to the DragonFate Novels. Dive into the paranormal romance realms of dragon shifters with three series starters and two bonus reads from bestselling paranormal and fantasy romance author Deborah Cooke today!

Just 99cents for a limited time!

Get your copy at these portals:

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