Dragon’s Mate Update

The description for Dragon’s Mate has been updated—it will still probably change a bit—and I’ve also posted an excerpt from Hadrian and Rania’s book on the Dragon’s Mate page here on the website. It’s also in the end matter of Dragon’s Heart in both ebook and print.

Dragon's Mate, book 4 of the DragonFate series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeHer kiss will shatter realms…

Dragon shifter and artisan blacksmith Hadrian is determined to strength his fellow Pyr warriors in the battle against the Fae by making them talons of steel. He won’t be seduced by the sensual promise of what has to be a fake firestorm—even to help a beautiful warrior escape the clutches of the Fae Queen.

Rania is a swan-maiden and Fae assassin, compelled to serve the Dark Queen’s will in exchange for her own survival. Hadrian is the last of the dozen assigned victims that will fulfill her revolting bargain, but this dragon shifter isn’t easy to kill. It’s more than dragon vitality that helps him survive her lethal kiss, but Rania won’t surrender to his potent touch for any price when her own life hangs in the balance.

Compelled to join forces against the Dark Queen’s deceit, can Hadrian and Rania overcome their distrust of each other to defeat a common foe? Can Hadrian unfurl the painful secrets of Rania’s past to give them a future? When worlds collide and barriers are destroyed, can love conquer the obstacles between these destined mates?

Coming October 27, 2020

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About Dragon’s Heart

Dragon's Heart, book 3 of the DragonFate series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeI’m so glad this book is done—and that I love it as much as I do! These books are challenging to write, but very satisfying to complete. What’s the difference between them and the Dragonfire Novels? A few things:

• The heroines have powers of their own.
Bree in Dragon’s Kiss is (was) a Valkyrie who could talk to the dead. Lila in Dragon’s Heart is a selkie who can heal. Rania in Dragon’s Mate is a swan-maiden sworn to (or snared in) the service of the Dark Queen, Maeve.

Ember's Kiss, #9 of the Dragonfire Novels, a series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookThe inclusion of empowered heroines has been a gradual change: it started with the elemental witches in Ember’s Kiss, Kiss of Danger, Kiss of Darkness and Kiss of Destiny. Chandra in Serpent’s Kiss was a goddess, which took us into new realms, too. This series continues on this trajectory.

• So far, the heroines have also been immortal, while the Pyr are long-lived but mortal. That means world-building and backstory for each of them and their respective worlds. I love this part!

Dragon's Kiss, book #2 of the DragonFate series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeIt means we visit new realms, too. Damien pursued Petra to Hades in Kiss of Danger, and Chandra took Thorolf into Myth in Serpent’s Kiss. Jorge, the Slayer, was the first to succumb to Maeve’s charms in Firestorm Forever, and now we visit Fae in each book. Bree could have taken Kristofer to Valhalla in Dragon’s Kiss, but chose not to, while Lila and Rhys visit the lost city of the Isle of the Blessed in Dragon’s Heart.

• Maeve, the Dark Queen, has a scheme to eliminate all shifters, so the Pyr and their mates are targets in each book. That gives us a story arc that stretches over the length of the series as well as some fun fight scenes, in and out of Fae. That brings us a huge cast of characters, as the Others (most shifters) are allied in the battle against Maeve, in the hope of ensuring their own survival.

Darkfire Kiss, #7 of the Dragonfire Novels, a series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke• There’s magick—three different kinds of it.
In this series, we have the earth magick commanded by the Fae, the dragon magick commanded by Embron and Blazion, and the darkfire of the Pyr. We also have a battle for control of all the magick, which is just good fun. We first learned about the unpredictable force of darkfire in Rafferty’s book, Darkfire Kiss, because his grandfather Pwyll was the Cantor who commanded it. It was dissipated in Firestorm Forever, but everyone who can is busily gathering it up again. Which kind of magick will prove to be the most powerful? (I think you can guess.)

Firestorm Forever, #14 of the Dragonfire Novels, a series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke• Dragons don’t stay put.
The dragons from my other series keep sneaking into DragonFate and you know that I can’t turn down a dragon shifter. The DragonFate warriors include many of those who followed Drake in the Dragon Legion: Kristofer, Rhys, Arach, Balthasar, Alasdair, Hadrian, Theo and Kade. We met them all in Firestorm Forever and I thought that would be plenty of dragons for one series.

But the Pyr who have had their firestorms in Dragonfire keep turning up to help, as well. Of course, Quinn, the Smith of the Pyr (Kiss of Fire), needs to repair their scales and his partner, Sara, continues to receive prophecies about firestorms. Erik, leader of the Pyr (Kiss of Fate) is involved in planning the battle against Maeve. Rafferty, the great romantic of the Pyr, (Darkfire Kiss) can’t resist the lure of a firestorm—or the unexpected spark of darkfire. These three all joined the fight in Dragon’s Kiss, as well as seven lost Pyr, who had been enchanted for 1500 years. Rafferty had mentored Kristofer, which was another reason for him to support the firestorm. In Dragon’s Heart, Donovan and Alex (Kiss of Fury) help Rafferty with the so-called “seven thieves”, along with Marco and Jac (Firestorm Forever). I’ve already heard that Brandon (Ember’s Kiss) and Sloane (Firestorm Forever) are on their way to join the fight, along with their mates and sons.

Kraw's Secret, book six of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances featuring dragon shifter princesses from space by Deborah CookeBut the Pyr aren’t the only dragons muscling into this series. The dragon princes Blazion and Embron, exiled from Incendium, are making trouble on Earth, too. They’re mentioned in the story Kraw’s Secret as part of the history of the Dragons of Incendium. You can count on a dragon shifter princess from space joining the conflict, too, before it’s all done. (Is it a spoiler to tell you that she’ll have a firestorm with one of the Dragonfate Pyr?)

I’m still deciding what to do about Sebastian the vampire and Caleb the Lucan in terms of their stories. They’ll likely get their own books, too, but whether they should be part of DragonFate or standalone PNR novels, I’m not yet sure.

Maeve's Book of Beasts, book 1 of the DragonFate series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeIf you want to know more about Micah, the lead vampire, you can read his story, Coven of Mercy. You might also want to read An Elegy of Melusine, which will tell you the backstory of the bartender, Mel, who vanishes into Fae with the Pyr Theo.

And then there’s the fallen angel who started it all, by stealing Maeve’s Book of Beasts. I’m quite sure he has connections with the angels of the Prometheus Project. He might even have been on a divine quest…

Dragon’s Heart is 110,000 words long, chock full of romance, battles, and fantasy. I love the intersection of all my paranormal worlds. I hope you pick up a copy and that you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

Dragon's Heart, book 3 of the DragonFate series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeHer kiss will rock his world…

Dragon shifter Rhys believes in what he can hold in his talons. A chef with his own restaurant, he is organized, practical, and distrusts surprises. When his firestorm sparks in the realm of Fae, he’s sure it’s an illusion created by the Dark Queen and a trap. Even though he wants a partner and family again more than anything else, Rhys isn’t going to be seduced by a fake destined mate—even if the kiss of that beautiful selkie melts his very soul and is one temptation he can’t resist…

Selkie Lila learned long ago that her independence is her most precious possession. But Rhys challenges everything she believes to be true about mortals—he defends her right to choose, even at his own peril, and that’s more seductive than Lila wants to admit. Is it just a trick to convince her to bear his son? Or is this Pyr warrior as honorable as he appears to be?

When an ancient and evil dragon prince joins forces with the Dark Queen to eliminate both the Pyr and the selkies, Rhys and Lila must work together to save their kinds—and each other. When they plunge into unknown realms with only each other to rely upon, will their combined abilities be enough to triumph—or will they have to surrender more for their unborn son and the chance of a future together?

Coming August 11, 2020

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Dragon’s Heart and Pinterest

Dragon's Heart, book 3 of the DragonFate series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeI’m charging along on Dragon’s Heart, which is Rhys and Lila’s book, and having a wonderful time with their story. It’s so interesting to include heroines with powers of their own, and I’m loving the challenge of building out each heroine’s world, history and abilities, then fitting that in with the world of the Pyr. Lila is a selkie with an intriguing past who challenges Rhys’ expectations in so many ways. (It’s good for him to have things shaken up a bit. He likes to think he has everything sorted out, planned and organized.) She’s one of my favorite kinds of characters, a healer who is wounded herself. I think you’ll really enjoy their story!

I’ve also been adding to the Pinterest board for their book, and you can have a peek at my inspiration right here.

I’ve also been working on Sebastian and Sylvia’s story, which will ultimately become a book in its own right – and that has drawn me into the Coven of Mercy, with all of those characters’ stories. I think I’m going to be in the realm of DragonFate for a while!

Have you ordered your copy of Rhys and Lila’s story yet? July 22 isn’t that far away!

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Moving Publication Date

Dragon's Heart, book 3 of the DragonFate series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeLike so many of you, I’m having trouble concentrating during these unsettling times. That’s affecting my writing and my productivity. As a result, I’ve pushed back the publication date on Dragon’s Heart (the DragonFate Novels #3) to July 22.

If you’ve preordered the book, you’ll probably get a notification from your portal of choice. If you ordered at Amazon, you’ll get two, because the date had to be moved 30 days at a time (instead of just 60 days all at once).

I apologize for the delay, but I know the book will be much better this way.

Learn more about Dragon’s Heart.

A Peek at Here Be Dragons

Here be Dragons, the Dragonfire Companion and guide to the paranormal romance series by Deborah CookeSome of you have asked me why Here Be Dragons is taking so long to reach publication. Part of the answer is that it’s a big book! I wanted to give you a peek today at what will be in the book, and a glimpse at the process that’s taking the time.

The table of contents for Here Be Dragons looks like this right now:

1. The Books

  • The World of Dragonfire
  • Overview
  • Kiss of Fire
  • Kiss of Fury
  • Kiss of Fate
  • Winter Kiss
  • Harmonia’s Kiss
  • Whisper Kiss
  • Darkfire Kiss
  • Flashfire
  • Ember’s Kiss
  • Kiss of Danger
  • Kiss of Darkness
  • Kiss of Destiny
  • Serpent’s Kiss
  • Firestorm Forever

2. Glossary of Terms

3. List of Characters

4. Family Trees

  • The Byzantine Line
  • The Caledonian Line
  • The Caledonian Line II
  • The Line of the Cantor
  • The Celtic Line
  • The Dragon Legion
  • The Line of the Drakkir I
  • The Line of the Drakkir II
  • The Eastern Line
  • The Hibernian Line
  • The Roman Line I
  • The Roman Line II
  • The Line of the Smith

5. The Interviews

  • Quinn on hereditary roles
  • Donovan on Pyr vs. Slayer
  • Erik on the Pyr
  • Delaney on the Dragon’s Blood Elixir
  • Niall on affinities
  • Rafferty on the firestorm

6. Harmonia’s Kiss

Right now, the book is about 190,000 words and I’m still compiling. Firestorm Forever, in contrast, is 211,000 words and is 612 pages in trade paperback. Here Be Dragons is getting close to that size, but will be a bit smaller.

I had started this world guide myself, and then hired someone with experience in compiling other world guides to take over and finish it. Her contribution took almost a year, for a whole bunch of reasons, and she focused on compiling chapter-by-chapter summaries of the books. These are great, but I wanted a character list and a glossary, too. That’s what I’ve been working on.

For example, here’s my original listing for Marco, the Sleeper:

Marcus Maximus aka Marco (the Sleeper)—The nephew of the Slayer Magnus Montmorency and ward of Rafferty’s grandfather, Pwyll. When Magnus murdered his brother Maximilian because that Pyr had a firestorm, Maximilian’s mate and infant son were taken into protective care by Rafferty’s grandfather. The boy was enchanted to sleep until the darkfire burned, in order to hide him from Magnus. The Sleeper awakens in Darkfire Kiss. Marco is particularly tranquil and observant, and has the ability to both control and anticipate darkfire. Marco has his firestorm with Jacelyn in Firestorm Forever.

I intended for this to be fleshed out with his role over the series, each time he appeared. The world guide compiler added these details:

Dark hair
Dark eyes
Black with blue-green shimmer in dragon form
Affinities: Fire and air
First appears in Darkfire Kiss, Ch. 19 (though is seen “sleeping” prior to that)

That’s great, but still a lot less than I’d hoped. Here’s Marco’s current entry in the world guide, which does still need to be edited – I’ll format the excerpts so they look different from the main text:

Marcus Maximus aka Marco (the Sleeper)—The nephew of the Slayer Magnus Montmorency, son of Maximilian and Cornelia, and ward of Rafferty’s grandfather, Pwyll. When Magnus murdered his brother Maximilian out of jealousy for that Pyr’s firestorm, Cornelia and her infant son were taken into protective care by Rafferty’s grandfather. The boy was enchanted to sleep until the darkfire was released, in order to hide him from Magnus, and has been hidden at Bardsey Island by Rafferty. Pwyll used the power of darkfire to cast his spell over Marcus, and trapped the rest of the darkfire within three quartz crystals.

At the beginning of Darkfire Kiss, Chen shatters one of the three darkfire crystals and looses the darkfire. The Sleeper stirs in his sleep and the darkfire burns brighter in the crystal in Rafferty’s hoard, indicating his state. When Magnus abducts Melissa, he tries to barter with Rafferty, offering her life in exchange for the Sleeper. They fight instead and the fight moves to the refuge after Jorge locates the Sleeper and attacks. When Magnus is killed and Jorge trapped, Donovan carries the Sleeper to safety, only to have the Sleeper follow the darkfire to Rafferty’s lair in London. He awakens at the end of that book when Rafferty uses the darkfire crystal to rouse him. He can see the dead and talk to them, because he sees Pwyll in Rafferty’s home and facilitates a reunion between the two.

Marco is particularly tranquil and observant, and has the ability to both control and anticipate darkfire. He has dark hair and dark eyes. In dragon form, he is black with a blue-green shimmer, evocative of his bond with darkfire. His affinities are for fire and air. The Pyr find him enigmatic. The darkfire Marco commands gives him the ability to spontaneously manifest in other locations; he shows a tendency to suddenly appear when needed that hints at foresight, though it’s not clear whether Marco or the darkfire has the ability to anticipate the future.

In Flashfire, Marco manifests in Lorenzo’s car, asking that Pyr to surrender the darkfire crystal in his possession. Lorenzo admits that it’s gone (Drake has claimed it) but Lorenzo goes to the house to be sure. En route, he taunts Lorenzo with the word Diavolo, proving that he can read Lorenzo’s thoughts, a skill Lorenzo finds troubling.

It was a point of pride that he never lost control, but he had lost control in the theater.

And he’d threatened JP in old-speak.

Lorenzo frowned and accelerated, telling himself that it wouldn’t happen again.

“Yes, it will,” Marco murmured beside him.

Lorenzo glanced at his companion in wary surprise. Had he heard Lorenzo’s thoughts?

“I did,” Marco supplied, with a serenity that annoyed Lorenzo. “Again. It’s the legacy of the darkfire, I think. I can hear the thoughts of all the Pyr.”
—from Flashfire

Marco also reveals that Lorenzo’s father was involved in the disappearance of the crystal. He collects the pieces of Chen’s brand, acknowledging the darkfire linked to them, and disappears. Marco attends the repair of Lorenzo’s scale in Venice.

In Ember’s Kiss, Marco appears when Liz is battling Chen, shooting the Slayer with the darkfire crystal. He gives the darkfire crystal to Liz, whose powers as a Firedaughter are shown by her ability to use the crystal as a weapon. He advises her to embrace her powers and help Brandon. She uses the crystal to defeat Chen on their next battle.

In Serpent’s Kiss, Marco collects a prophecy from Sara, manifesting suddenly in the home she shares with Quinn. He appears to Lorenzo in Venice when Jorge is suggesting an alliance to Lorenzo in old-speak. Marco simultaneously suggests that he and Lorenzo form the alliance of five Pyr mentioned in Sara’s prophecy, including Erik, Thorolf and Brandon. He guards Cassie and Antonio while Lorenzo meets Jorge. Marco retrieves the darkfire crystal from Liz, appearing in the bedroom of Liz and Brandon’s sons during the night. He later reveals to the Pyr that Chen has a brother and uses the darkfire to help Niall in his Dreamwalking, giving him a glimpse into Chen’s lair. He breaks the crystal, releasing the darkfire, knowing it will free Lee. He waits in a market in Bangkok, ultimately finding Lee and escorting him to the other Pyr. Marco attends the repair of Thorolf’s scale at Angkor, appearing after the other Pyr are gathered in a flicker of darkfire.

In Firestorm Forever, Marco has his firestorm with Jacelyn. He meets her originally because of her interest in hunting dragons, having followed the darkfire’s urge to move into the same building in Seattle, and is the first to recognize her link with Nathaniel. He gives her Sigmund’s book—which he stole from Erik’s hoard. He also has stolen the last darkfire crystal, the one that Drake returned to Erik at the end of Kiss of Danger, because there’s a spark of darkfire in it again. The theft convinces Erik that Marco is turning against the Pyr. Marco receives the prophecy while he dreams in his apartment and writes it on the wall.

Jac sees both the prophecy and the crystal when she visits him, and joins Marco when he goes to Easter Island. There’s a strong attraction between them and they’re intimate. But Marco is horrified when Jac seizes the darkfire crystal and injures his mentor and friend, Rafferty. He abandons her to help Rafferty, which only makes it possible for Jorge to forge an alliance with Jac. The Pyr assume that Marco fired the crystal and abducted Rafferty, which reinforces the idea that he is betraying them. In fact, he takes Rafferty to Sloane, using the ability to spontaneously manifest elsewhere given to him by the darkfire, in order to see Rafferty healed and also to disguise his identity. (Rafferty is in dragon form but so badly injured that Marco knows he will rotate between forms, in front of a large crowd of people and television crews.)

Marco feels betrayed by the darkfire and refuses to help Sloane with the Cantor’s song, which Sloane hopes will draw the darkfire out of Rafferty’s body. He returns to Easter Island, argues with Jac, then finds her with Jorge. Even though he doesn’t trust her, she’s still a treasure of the earth, so he remains to defend her without her knowledge, breathing dragonsmoke around the hotel where she sleeps. When he returns to Seattle, he finds Jorge in his apartment. Jorge is stealing Sigmund’s book and has burned a spell spiral in the floor like Chen’s. Marco is trapped by the spell and has his energy drained by Jorge’s dragonsmoke, while Jorge escapes with the book.

I like that Jac rattles Marco, who has always been very composed and serene. She infuriates him and challenges his assumptions, even undermining his intuitive faith in darkfire. I think she’s good for him. Interestingly, while Marco lies ill in his apartment, Jac senses his protective presence. She even thinks she sees him one night when she wins a dart game at a local bar in Seattle. The darkfire rouses Marco during the second eclipse in Firestorm Forever, healing him, regaining his trust and giving him the power to go to Jac. She’s in Australia, hunting dragons, as arranged by Jorge. The pair reconcile and are intimate again before their firestorm sparks. His identity as a Pyr is revealed to Jac—who has read Sigmund’s book and recognizes the firestorm for what it is—and she flees, even as he feels compelled to shift to his dragon form.

Jac stumbles into Jorge’s clutches, and she realizes that he’s Slayer just before the dragonfight begins. Marco defends Jac and they fight together, until Jorge snares a wounded Marco in his dragonsmoke, draining his energy. Jorge also rips one of Marco’s dragon scales free. Marco asks for the Elixir, hoping that Jorge will take him to his lair and he’ll have the chance to trick the Slayer. Brandon hears his entreaty, which enforces the conviction of the Pyr that Marco intends to change sides, just before Jorge, Marco and Jac disappear. (Liz argues with Brandon about this, as she remains convinced of Marco’s integrity.) Once in Jorge’s lair, Marco feigns unconsciousness while Jac pumps the Slayer for information. Jorge is suspicious, though, and breaks Marco’s lost scale. The pair fight and Marco uses dragonsmoke to drain Jorge’s strength, building his own power so that they can escape the lair. With Jac’s help—she shoves a burning candle in Jorge’s eye and encourages Marco to put the Dracontias in his mouth—they escape the lair, leaving it burning with Jorge wounded on the floor.

When they manifest at the Holiday Inn in Virginia, near Sam’s house, Marco knows that the darkfire—which helped him move through space—intends for them to take the Dracontias to Sam. He’d thought that Rafferty would need it to heal, but trusts the darkfire. Jac insists that she won’t consummate the firestorm without being sure that her son will have a father, and Marco takes that as a challenge to win her heart.

“Good. It means the darkfire is working for and against us.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That darkfire has governed my life and darkfire has its sparks in my firestorm, too. Think about it: you’re the least likely candidate to be the destined mate of a Pyr. What are the odds of my having a firestorm with the one mortal woman on the planet sworn to wipe my kind from the face of the earth?”

“Pretty long, I’d think.”

“More than long. It’s completely improbable. It defies expectation and challenges assumptions, both yours and mine.” He seemed to find this reassuring.

“Like darkfire does,” Jac said and Marco nodded.

“Darkfire pushes and pulls, inverts situations and challenges us to see things in new ways. Like the way you fought Jorge and the Slayers. Like the way we both excite and get at each other. Darkfire is lighting our firestorm and making both of us reconsider what we believe to be true.”

“But that doesn’t change everything. I’m still not going to have your son.”

Marco smiled the smile of a man accepting a challenge. He turned a glittering glance on Jac, one that reminded her of what he was and also what they’d done before, one that dissolved her resistance and put her body on his side. The flames of the firestorm seemed to sizzle with greater heat.

“Which only means that I’m going to have to change your mind,” he murmured and Jac knew it wasn’t going to be as hard for him to succeed as she might have hoped.
—from Firestorm Forever

With Marco’s encouragement, Jac tells him about Nathaniel and about her own history. He tells her that he thought Pwyll was his grandfather—obviously this was clarified when he awakened in Darkfire Kiss and met Rafferty. (There is a continuity error in the original edition of Firestorm Forever: Marco tells Jac that he’s been enchanted for “fourteen or fifteen hundred years”. This is impossible, as he was born in 1055, so it’s been corrected to “over a thousand years” in the new edition.) When Jac takes the Dracontias to Sam, Marco retrieves the darkfire crystal from Sloane’s home. He can’t separate it from Rafferty, who needs its healing power, so he takes both of them. (Rafferty is in his salamander form.) Melissa witnesses this, which adds to the Pyr doubts of Marco’s intentions. Marco and Jac then restore Rafferty with the heat of their firestorm. Rafferty then tactfully leaves, having the energy to spontaneously manifest elsewhere. Marco and Jac resolve to wait until the end of the Dragon’s Tail War before satisfying the firestorm, then are attacked by one of the Boris clones.

This clone of Boris offers Marco a deal, suggesting that they become partners, use Jorge to make a new batch of the Elixer, triumph over the Pyr and rule the Slayers together. Marco agrees, although he plans to betray the clone. He believes that the alliance will give him the inside information to ensure Erik’s survival. Marco turns on the clone when Erik is cornered and Erik sees Marco’s blood run red, which convinces him of Marco’s loyalties. Jac helps Eileen and Zoë escape, and also destroys the clone with the darkfire crystal. Marco offers the heat of the firestorm to heal Erik’s wounds and the leader of the Pyr accepts. Marco loses a scale at this moment and Jac confesses her love to him after she catches it, because she knows what it means. They retreat to satisfy their firestorm in private.

For the final battle, Marco joins Donovan, Erik, Lorenzo and Quinn at Quinn’s home to defend Erik in the inevitable attack by clones. He uses the darkfire crystal as a weapon until it goes dark. When the antidote to the Elixir is spilled, Marco goes to Sloane at Machu Picchu to get more. He takes two syringes, empties one into a Slayer brought to him by Rafferty, then returns to Michigan in time to innoculate the last clone. Erik sends him to check on the other two battles, and he witnesses the spark of Sloane’s firestorm. He spontaneously manifests with Sloane, taking Sloane closer to his mate, and they end up at Quinn’s place in Michigan. Sloane follows the spark from there. (Sam is in Ann Arbor.) Marco and Jac buy Sam’s house in California, becoming Sam and Sloane’s neighbors. Marco’s missing scale is repaired at the ceremony at Erik’s lair in Chicago and he participates in the Pyr’s last televised appearance, the darkfire indicating that his firestorm will burn forever.

Here be Dragons, the Dragonfire Companion and guide to the paranormal romance series by Deborah CookeIt’s just a bit more detailed. 🙂

Here Be Dragons will be published on January 14. (There will be a new Amazon link on that day.) Have you reserved your copy yet?

Pre-order ebook at:

Changed Publication Date

Here be Dragons, the Dragonfire Companion and guide to the paranormal romance series by Deborah CookeI’m moving the publication date for Here Be Dragons to January 14. It’s a two week delay, and a reflection of edits for another project taking two weeks longer than anticipated. I have a little bit more compilation to do on HBD and that part will need to be proofread. Time is too tight to push that through by the end of the year. I’m hoping this means the print edition will be available concurrently with the ebook version.

If you pre-ordered at Amazon, your pre-order will be cancelled today. I won’t be able to set up another pre-order, and there will be a different link for the book on January 14.

I apologize for the delay and the inconvenience.

Dragon’s Heart New Sample

Dragon's Heart, book 3 of the DragonFate series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeHer kiss will rock his world…

Dragon-shifter Rhys believes in what he can hold in his talons. A chef with his own restaurant, he is organized and practical, and dislikes surprises. When his firestorm sparks in the realm of Fae, he’s sure it’s an illusion and isn’t going to be seduced by a fake destined mate—even if the kiss of that beautiful selkie melts his very soul.

Lila would do anything to save her kind from extinction, even entreat a dragon shifter to join the battle against the Queen of the Fae. But Rhys is unlike any male she’s known before—he’s unmoved by her kiss and even her surrender to the combustible attraction between them. There’s only one way to convince him to fight, and that’s to conceive his son—even though bearing a child will cost Lila everything she holds dear.

Rhys is awed by Lila’s sacrifice and determined to retrieve everything she’s lost—and not just for the sake of their unborn son. As they plunge into unknown realms with only each other to rely upon, will their combined forces be sufficient to triumph—or will they be forced to surrender even more?

Coming May 26, 2020

Download a sample of Dragon’s Heart from BookFunnel.

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Dragon’s Kiss New Blurb & Excerpt

Dragon’s Kiss has a new blurb and a new sample!

Dragon's Kiss, book #2 of the DragonFate series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

Her kiss could be his doom…

When dragon-shifter Kristofer feels his firestorm ignite, he eagerly follows its spark to his destined mate. To his surprise, the sparks lead not to a mortal human but to a Valkyrie intent on claiming his soul. Even so, Kristofer has never met a woman as alluring as the fierce warrior before him. Trusting in the firestorm, he must convince her to fight with him instead of against him. 

Trading the life of a dragon shifter for that of her sister Valkyrie is an easy choice for Bree… until she meets Kristofer. Experience taught her that dragons are evil, but in him she sees a bold and noble warrior. Finding his confidence as irresistible as his touch, Bree begins to question if she has been beguiled by his charm. How can she take his life when his very presence makes her burn with desire? 

Forced to join forces, Kristofer seize the chance to convince Bree of the promise of partnership. Yet as a sinister plan unfolds, an ancient dragon is roused from his slumber. With danger closing in, can Kristofer convince Bree to surrender her immortality for their forbidden love? Or will Bree’s fears of all dragons prove justified? 

Coming December 10, 2019

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An excerpt from Dragon’s Kiss

A life for a life.

It seemed like a comparatively fair deal, especially as it had been offered by the Dark Queen of the Fae. Bree had to wonder if there was a catch.

But then, it didn’t really matter how fair it was. She’d hated dragons for as long as she could remember, so one less in the world was all good—even if he was a dragon shifter. The details were unimportant.

As she waited to see whether her prey would take the bait, Bree told herself that it didn’t even matter if he led all of his kind into danger. A world without dragons would be good. And winning the release of her sister from captivity was more than worth any price.

Bree simmered in the darkness, feeling the effects of Maeve’s fake firestorm. It simmered and burned. It flushed her skin and ran like liquid fire through her veins, turning her thoughts to the pursuit of pleasure and sexual satisfaction. In a way, it fed her base instincts, fostered her need for a man’s touch, and drove her thoughts from everything else. She liked sex just fine, but she didn’t want to obsess about it.

She didn’t want to burn with need for it.

And she didn’t want to desire the hot dragon shifter touched by the firestorm’s light. She wasn’t going to be fooled by a spell’s effect or seduced by smoking hot good looks—he was tall, blond, ripped and gorgeous in his human form, a man she would have noticed even without the influence of magick.

But he was a means to an end.

She’d never have him.

She shouldn’t even want him.

Even if she did. Maeve had neglected to mention that the firestorm would also affect Bree, and she guessed the omission hadn’t been an accident.

She clenched her fists and reminded herself that Kara’s release was the point.

Then her heart stopped as she saw the dragon come through the portal.

Her prey entered Maeve’s realm by choice.


Bree had tempted him, but he’d taken the bait with predictable enthusiasm. His choice proved that dragon shifters were driven by their base instincts, just like the dragons she’d hunted in the past: the fake firestorm’s light made this Pyr believe he was going to get lucky.

Little did he know he’d just abandoned every scrap of luck he’d ever had.

She saw the dragonfire spark in the darkness high above her, then a dragon roared loud enough to shake her bones. He soared into the inky darkness of Fae, a massive and magnificent beast with glittering scales. His huge wings sent him shooting into Maeve’s realm with a single beat. From this angle, she could see that his belly was golden-yellow, like gold armor, but probably not as soft.

Bree stared in awe, despite herself. This dragon’s scales were pale green, like peridots, and they shone with the clarity of fine gems. Each one was edged in brilliant gold, and the scales on his chest were all gold. His nails were gold, too, and the firestorm’s light caressed him like the marvel he was. He might have been a magnificent treasure come to life.

She felt admiration, which was both unwelcome and unnecessary.

The dragon she’d hunted centuries before had been black and a brute beast, with a heart so dark that it might have been made of coal. He’d been more savage than a wild animal and less noble, incapable of prompting any admiration.

But this Pyr was majestic. He flew with measured power, his dark wings stretched wide as they beat slowly. His tail trailed behind him, and he made flight look effortless and easy, despite his size. The sight of him lifted her heart with unexpected joy.

Bree wondered what it would be like to fly with him.

No, her urge was to ride him, to ride him into war. She thought they’d be a hell of a team, then caught herself.

Kara’s survival relied upon the entrapment of this dragon.

She had to finish what she’d started, whether he was gorgeous or not.

Bree let herself fall, even though she was uncertain how far it would be to the ground. She stayed in her human form, letting her prey underestimate her. She flailed her arms and shouted, trying to sound desperate and feeble. Didn’t dragons like damsels in distress? She could work with that, even if it was another reason to despise them.

The false firestorm sparked around her, touching her with golden light. She felt warm and aroused, which might have been pleasurable if she hadn’t been trying to ignore it. Even this fake firestorm undermined her resolve and made her thoughts turn to sensual pleasure. Was that how dragon shifters got what they wanted? They just overwhelmed their mate’s objections with pulsing desire?

The glow was becoming a darker hue of orange as the distance between them increased.

“Help! Help me!” she cried, then screamed as if terrified.

She watched the dragon pivot in the air high overhead and look down for her. His eyes glittered suddenly and Bree knew he’d spotted her. His nostrils flared and his tail slashed through the air. With astonishing speed and accuracy, he dove toward her, talons outstretched and wings beating hard. Bree’s throat tightened despite herself and her heart leaped with anticipation. Gods, but it should be forbidden for any creature to be so beautiful. The golden glow of the firestorm brightened as he drew closer, the sparks flying with greater speed between them. The light washed over him lovingly, making him look his best.

His dragon eyes glinted with intelligence and understanding—not raw hunger, like the brute dragon she’d hunted so long ago—and Bree’s doubt grew. Was he smiling? If so, it wasn’t a hungry smile. It was one filled with anticipation, as if he liked the look of her. The glow in his eyes took her breath away—and his proximity made her burn with desire. She felt like a treasure he was about to claim, one he’d cherish. She closed her eyes, telling herself she had to protect her eyes against the brilliance of the light. She reminded herself that all males were charming when they hunted.

Still, she was thrilled.

And that was before he snatched her out of the air, cradling her in one claw, and soared upward again. The wind whipped Bree’s hair around her face, but she was safe in his grasp. He cupped his claw against his chest, protecting her, and she got a close look at his scales. They were large and hard, with sharp edges: they shone so brightly that they might have been polished. Maybe they were. Bree had no idea what dragons did in their spare time. Maybe they buffed and waxed their scales. They were gold, but warm—she knew because she reached out and ran her hand over one.

They were smooth and elegantly shaped, like armor made by a talented artisan.

Actually, she caressed it.

But this was his hide, and he growled low in his chest with pleasure at her touch. Bree felt the vibration of his voice and it made her body hum in response. Her heart skipped and she wondered how mortal women, inherently weaker than Valkyries, even survived a real firestorm.

Good thing she knew it was all a lie—and the sooner she got down to business, the better. Bree surreptitiously pulled her dagger, taking one last moment to savor the sensual power of the firestorm. She was hot and bothered, aroused and tingling. She felt good, even more invincible than ever, but she had a job to do. She’d get her satisfaction later.

Bree’s blade shone in the golden light of Maeve’s spell. She hesitated only a moment, then lifted the scale on his chest right in front of her and plunged the blade into his exposed flesh.

Red blood spurted and he gave a cry that was more of surprise than pain. Comparatively, the blade was small, but the wound would still hurt. She expected him to shred her and braced herself to fight. He sent a plume of dragonfire into the air and loosened his grip on her slightly. He swirled around and bent his head, lifting his claw, obviously intending to have a good look at her.

Bree took advantage of the opportunity to shift shape and slip between his talons, soaring high above him on her own wings. He stared at her in astonishment. She was much smaller than he was, and surprise was the only asset on her side. She had to attack his most vulnerable points. His eyes. She heard him exhale and then he reached for her, his slow smile of admiration doing nothing to bolster her resolve.

“A Valkyrie,” he saw with an awe that matched her own and Bree was the one surprised.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” she protested.

“Oh, but I do,” he said and his eyes glowed with pleasure. “What a worthy mate. What a gift unforeseen.” His satisfaction with the situation explained why he didn’t breathe fire.

Bree wasn’t going to be charmed. Not by a dragon. Not even by one who knew and respected what she was. She dove down at his golden talons, sliced at one of them but missed because he moved. He snatched at her, but she evaded him, slashing with her blade twice more and missing both times.

Infuriating, agile, majestic dragon! He dodged every blow and never retaliated. If he intended to tire her out, he’d wait a while. He seemed to want to study her. They flew in tight circles around each other, but no matter how often she stabbed, he slipped out of range. It was strange how certain she was that he wouldn’t hurt her, but she wasn’t going to be trapped and held captive all the same.

“How can this be?” he murmured, almost to himself, and she feared he would figure out that the firestorm wasn’t real. Dragons were supposed to be good at solving riddles. Something about the firestorm wasn’t adding up to him—he’d recognized what she was, so he must know more than the name of her kind.

She had to finish her task before he realized the firestorm was fake.

Bree ducked beneath his wings, flying so closely around him that her wings brushed against his scales. He spun in place, trying to keep her in sight, looking amused and intrigued. She ducked under his tail. He grabbed and she slipped through his talons again, then raced away from him. She flew as quickly as she could, beating her wings hard, knowing that he had the advantage of size.

She needed a place to take a stand, to compel him to fight. She needed a place to defeat him, and he was more agile than she’d expected in the air. If he’d just fight, she could injure him and Maeve’s warriors could imprison him.

The light of the firestorm faded with distance, letting Bree survey the landscape of Fae in its own endless twilight. There was a shimmer on the horizon, as if the sun had just set, but Bree knew there would be no stars overhead. No moon. No dawn. Fae was trapped forever in the gloaming.

She spotted a hill in the distance. Perfect! There had to be a Fae court beneath it, maybe the royal court. Bree headed for it with purpose. Her dragon gave chase, a flurry of sparks telling her that he was gaining on her. Bree looked back to find him perilously close behind her. He was breathing smoke and his eyes shone with intent. He reached out a claw and a spark flew between them, making her cry out when it touched her chest. Raw desire flowed through her veins, making her simmer so that she had a hard time thinking of anything other than seduction.

And satisfaction.

What would it be like? Her curiosity was perfectly natural.

Wasn’t it?

She watched the dragon smile slowly, as if he knew exactly what he’d done. She hoped she won this fight, otherwise he’d seduce her thoroughly. Under the influence of the firestorm, Bree had a hard time seeing that as a problem, but she knew that she had to remember her goal.

She had to defeat him to save Kara.

Magick wasn’t going to help her now.

And neither, she suspected, would Maeve.

Excerpt from Dragon’s Kiss Copyright ©2019 Deborah A. Cooke

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