Second Chance Romance

I’m picking a trope each month and highlighting books of mine that feature that trope. This month, my feature is second chance romance, one of my favorite romance themes. There’s something powerful to me about star-crossed lovers having a second chance to get it right. Second chance romances often feature old wounds that need to be healed or secrets that have to be revealed. They really are my favorite kinds of stories. Here are a few second chance stories from my paranormal romances:

Kiss of Fate, #3 of the Dragonfire Novels, a series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

Kiss of Fate is #3 of the Dragonfire Novels and features Erik, the leader of the Pyr, and Eileen, his destined mate. I love this story of star-crossed lovers. Erik had his firestorm before and can’t believe when he feels the spark again—his mate died when they had parted ways and he’s blamed himself for her loss for over a hundred years. But Eileen is his mate reincarnated, and has been dreaming of Erik and their thwarted destiny. There are lots of secrets to unravel in this story and old wounds to heal. I love how Erik and Eileen rebuild their trust and find a future together, even as evil Slayers are trying to kill her. It’s one active courtship!

Serpent's Kiss, #13 of the Dragonfire Novels, a series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

Serpent’s Kiss is Thorolf’s book, and book number 13 of the Dragonfire Novels. This was the first time that one of my Pyr had a fated mate who was a goddess and shapeshifter in her own right—Thorolf has known Chandra before but doesn’t realize as much. When he learns that she meddled with his past and his destiny, he’s even less impressed than after she meddles with his present and future. Chandra isn’t afraid of Thorolf though and is prepared to push him to embrace his destiny. She’s not expecting to lose her heart to this charming rogue of a dragon shifter, much less to surrender her immortality to be with him.

Once Upon a Kiss, a time travel romance by Claire Delacroix

There are no dragons or angels in Once Upon a Kiss, but it’s a time travel romance and a reincarnation romance. In this standalone book, Baird awakens a sleeping beauty on the Orkney property he’s renovating into a luxury hotel. The problem is that Aurelia insists that she’s been enchanted for hundreds of years—and that Baird is the enemy of her father, the king. This story is more of a romantic comedy than the others, but I like how practical Baird is compelled to believe a number of impossible things before breakfast, so to speak, and how Aurelia has to find her footing in an unfamiliar world. Just FYI, the links on the title and on the book cover will take you to the book’s landing page on my Delacroix website.

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