DragonFate continues the story of the Pyr after the Dragonfire cycle. This paranormal romance series features the love triangle of Mel, a dragon shifter and fae heroine, Theo, the Pyr who is her destined mate, and Raymond, the ghost of Mel’s husband who died in the Middle Ages and has been much more loyal in death than in life. Each book features both an episode in Mel and Theo’s romance and the firestorm of another Pyr.

These books should be read in order. They should be read after Dragonfire.

An Elegy for Melusine, a retelling of a medieval French fairy tale by Claire DelacroixPrequel – An Elegy for Melusine
This is my retelling of a medieval French fairy tale, which was part of the inspiration for this series. I’ve always thought Melusine deserved a happier ending than the traditional one, but it’s clear she needed a stronger mortal than Raymond as partner. Theo is my pick, but the path to romance is a complicated one for this pair.

You can read this story as a prequel to DragonFate.

1. Hot Blooded