Dragonfire is a series of paranormal romances featuring dragon shifter heroes (the Pyr). As there is an over-arching story line, they should be read in order. (Note that the series numbering has been changed slightly in 2018, due to changes at the various online portals. The short story, Harmonia’s Kiss, for example, used to be #4.5, but the decimals are no longer allowed, so it’s #5, etc. The works are the same.)

For millennia, the shape-shifting dragon warriors known as the Pyr have lived peacefully as guardians of both the four elements and the earth’s treasures. But now the final reckoning between the Pyr, who count humans among the earth’s treasures, and the Slayers, who would eradicate both humans and the Pyr who protect them, has begun…

1. Kiss of Fire

2. Kiss of Fury

3. Kiss of Fate

4. Winter Kiss

5. Harmonia’s Kiss

6. Whisper Kiss

7. Darkfire Kiss

8. Flashfire

9. Ember’s Kiss

10. Kiss of Danger

11. Kiss of Darkness

12. Kiss of Destiny

13. Serpent’s Kiss

14. Firestorm Forever

The story of the Pyr continues with the DragonFate series.

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The Dragonfire series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke in print editions