Shifter Book Fair

Shifter Book Fair September

I’m participating in a BookFunnel promotion this month featuring shifter romances. The links on the landing pages will direct you to retail portals. You’ll find Kiss of Fire included in this promotion. Check the prices before you download a book – Amazon has been switching free books to 99cents lately. This is a great way to find a new series to love! The promotion runs through September 30.

Visit the landing page.

Nook Book Bash on Now

Kiss of Fire, book #1 of the Dragonfire Novels series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeThere is a NOOK sale featuring first-in-series books from authors who are members of Novelists Inc starting today – which includes yours truly. 🙂 It’s called the Nook Book Bash.
Using the discount code, you can get first-in-series books free. This includes Kiss of Fire by Deborah Cooke, The Crusader’s Bride by Claire Delacroix and Snowbound by Deborah Cooke. The cool thing about this sale is that you can then save 25% on the second book in that series. There are lots of other books too, so have a look. Remember to use the discount code.
Nook also has a reading app but this sale code (which you apply at checkout) won’t work when you shop from a mobile device or an app, just FYI.
The landing page for the Nook Book Bash (which goes through Feb 28) is right here.