Picking Nits

I’m proofreading the new Dragonfire editions in print as well as digital. It’s amazing how much easier it is for me to proofread in print rather than digital. I’m finding so many little fussy fixes!

Look at the notes on this proof copy of Kiss of Fire:

proofed copy of Kiss of Fire, a Dragonfire novel by Deborah Cooke

A lot of these are very, very minor – there are a number of straight quotes that should be curly ones, for example. These book files were scanned because I didn’t have them in digital format, so there are silly things like missing periods or commas that were read as periods in OCR. I found one instance of Pyr that wasn’t italicized. Before printing the proof copy, this book was corrected in digital format by me, then proofread by my very excellent proofreader – yet there were still nits to pick. I’m also making a few small editorial changes at this point—well, maybe more than a few. No proofreader could have anticipated those.

It’s time-consuming, for sure, but the end result will be a book as close to perfect as I can make it. That pleases me a great deal. 🙂

Once I’ve updated and uploaded the final files for Quinn and Sara’s book, Kiss of Fury will get the same treatment.